Don't want to deal with underpaid invoices that are a few cents shy of the amount? Read on to find out how to avoid this! 

First things first - head over to your settlement settings page and scroll down to the underpayments

Select 'automatically accept invoice underpayments ✅' to get started.

When setting up your underpayment settings, you have to add a dollar and percentage amount. It is suggested that you set it to 5% and $5 so that if you have a smaller transaction it is allowed to be 5% underpaid but if you have a larger transaction, lets say $1000, it will not be allowed to be underpaid by more than $5 as 5% of that transaction is a much higher amount.

 The amounts that you put in are completely up to you in accordance to what you consider an acceptable underpayment on an invoice.

The percentage setting is for smaller payments whilst the dollar settings acts as a sort of cap.