A brief explanation about the payment API, and e-commerce plugins.

GloBee gives all of it's users the option to use e-commerce plugins like Shopify or Woocommerce in conjunction with Wordpress. In addition, users can also use the payment API to integrate directly with their website, some coding experience is required to do so.

Payment API

The GloBee payment API is built for quick and simple integration with our system. The payment API will create payment requests as needed in your e-commerce checkout cart. Although all of our plugins make use of the API if you would like a customized solution for your e-commerce shop then the API is the way to go.

You can find a robust documentation explaining the process of integrating the payment API here.


The main feature that the payment API provides over the plugins is the ability to make the payment process completely customizable, From your customer's experience on your website going towards checkout, to creating your own interstitial (this may require more experienced coding background). The customizable interstitial has the power, grated the user is an experience programmer, to create a point of sale solution as pictured below.


GloBee offers open source plugins for all major e-commerce platforms. This allows merchants to seamlessly integrate GloBee into their current system with just a few clicks. GloBee continuously monitors all e-commerce platforms for changes and updates, and will provide plugins for the latest versions to all clients of GloBee. We also offer a testsystem that allows you to test your integration with testnet coins.

Pictured below is a list of our supported plugins: