This process will help you to refund your customers.

To start this process, select "Invoicing Tools" followed by "Invoice history". The below screen will appear with your invoice history. To initiate a refund, select the invoice ID which is linked to the "Underpaid" or "Overpaid" invoice.

  1. Underpayments

A: Select "Refund Underpayment"

B: Follow the necessary fields to process the customer refund. Once you have verified the customer address and the amount, you can process the refund by selecting "Refund Payment"

     2. Overpayments : Accepting Overpayment

 A: Click on "Accept Overpayment" if you simply want accept the funds for your store credit the customer manually for the overpayment.

B: Click "Accept" to proceed or "No, Go Back"

    3. Overpayments : Refund Overpayment

 A: Click on "Refund Overpayment" for all overpayment refunds

B. Ensure to insert a valid refund address that has been confirmed by your customer and that the "Refund Amount Confirmation" equals the "Refund Amount". 

Important Note: Only include the amount in the "Refund Amount" field without any currency figures attached (i.e. $, €)

NB: Ensure you never send any funds to an exchange. This will result in your losing of the funds. Rather use a trusted wallet. Reach out to our Support Team for any help here.

If you receive a high amount of over and under payments, why not automate this process? Check out "Getting started with GloBee" under point 2 iii) to find out how