Here are 5 simple steps to start accepting crypto

Many of your customers are also wanting to pay in crypto - share how easy it is to buy crypto with their credit card via Uphold, powered by GloBee.


Create an account with GloBee! Ensure your password has at least 8 characters, 1 special character, 1 lower case,1 upper case & 1 digit.

Under “Account Settings” select “Settlement Settings”


i. Insert wallet address 

    a. Here you will include which method you would like to be settled in. You have 3 options. First: Bitcoin (Insert your Address); Second: Monero (Insert your Address); Third: Fiat - Bank Account (Luno, Uphold) (For Bitpay, you will need to insert an API pairing code)

ii. Accepted Currencies 

    a. Ensure you select which cryptocurrencies you
would like your customers to pay you in. Your selection includes is 1. Bitcoin 2. Monero 3. Litecoin 4. Doge 5. Bitcoin Cash 6. Decred 7. Ethereum 8. Bitcoin Lightning.

    b. Once you have selected how you want to be settled, save your option with 2FA.

iii. Underpayments 

    a. Ensure that you select an amount and percentage that you are willing to accept as an underpayment. Here are examples of how the underpayment process works.

       > Example 1: A customer underpaid you $990 for a $1000 invoice. If your underpayments were set at a) Max $10 threshold & b) Max 1% threshold, the system would check the following. a) Is the underpayment within the $10 threshold? Yes, its within the $10 threshold - that box is checked b) Is the payment within the 1% threshold? Yes, it falls within 1% of $1000 - that box is checked. Therefore the underpayment is accepted.

iv. Order Notifications

    a. Network dependent, each settlement should be processed within 24 hours. In your risk settings, under your settlement options, you have control over the number of required confirmations before a transaction is accepted and settled.
A “Low Risk” setting would require 100% confirmations, whilst delaying the time it gets settled into your account. 

    c. A “High Risk” setting which would require the minimum amount of confirmations, while speeding up the settlement process.

    d. A “Medium Risk” setting would require a median amount of confirmations, balancing settlement speed and risk profile.

Ensure you have activated your 2FA (Under Step 3: My Profile) to ensure enhanced Security Settings.


 Under “Account Settings” select My Profile and create your online profile. Ensure you activate 2FA for enhanced security.


Select your preferred Pricing Plan when clicking on “Account Settings” & “Subscription Plan”.


If you would like to simply create invoices, then no plugin is required. However, if you would like a checkout section on your website, then we recommend you partner with one of our plugin solutions to optimize the checkout experience of your online store. We offer a variety of plugin solutions from Shopify to WooCommerce.

Step 6 INVOICE CREATION (Only needed if you manually process invoices)

Under “Invoicing Tools”, click on “Recipients” 

i. Click on “Add Recipient” to add your customer. This list will comprise of all your customers that you regularly invoice or invoice for a once off occasion.

ii. Under “Invoicing Tools”, click on “Create Invoice” which lets you select 

    a. Recipient 

    b. Line Item – If its property, gold, hours worked, merchandise, products, etc

    c. Quantity – Related to the quantity of the merchandise you are selling

    d. Amount – which you can set in any currency worldwide

iii. Invoice Details

      a. All the Recipient’s details can go here. 

iii. Single Invoice/Recurring Invoice

     a. If your preference is sending the invoice once or many times, there is a facility for that.

 You are now geared up to start accepting crypto