Luno and Uphold

With our new settlement settings we can now convert to a wider range of fiat currencies right to your bank account. From seven fiat currencies available to over twenty, we are constantly seeking to increase our reach.

New fiat settlement list:

  • Argentine Peso (Uphold)
  • Australian Dollar (Bitpay, Uphold)
  • Brazilian Real (Uphold)
  • Canadian Dollar (Uphold)
  • Danish Krone (Uphold)
  • Emirati Diram (Uphold)
  • Euro (Bitpay, Uphold, Luno)
  • Hong Kong Dollar (Uphold)
  • Indian Rupee (Uphold)
  • Indonesian Rupiah (Luno)
  • Israeli Shekel (Uphold)
  • Kenyan Shilling (Uphold)
  • Philippine Peso (Uphold)
  • Malaysian Ringgit (Luno)
  • Mexican Peso (Bitpay, Uphold)
  • New Zealand Dollar (Bitpay, Uphold)
  • Nigerian Naira (Luno)
  • Norwegian Krone (Uphold)
  • Polish Zloty (Uphold)
  • Pound Sterling (Bitpay, Uphold)
  • Rand (Bitpay, Luno)
  • Singapore Dollar (Uphold)
  • Swedish Krona (Uphold)
  • Swiss Franc (Uphold)
  • US Dollar (Bitpay, Uphold)
  • Yen (Uphold)
  • Yuan (Uphold)


Luno is acts as a wallet and an exchange. It facilitates Bitcoin and Ethereum storage and transaction. Luno is also SegWit interacted (to find out more about SegWit please read this article). In addition, Luno operates as an exchange between fiat and Bitcoin. 

Opening a Luno Account and Getting Verified:

To open a Luno account you will need to either download the Luno app from your respective app store (iOS or Android). To note, it is safer to enable a 2FA, such as Authy, when signing up with Luno.

The verification process with Luno differs between the different countries it operates in.

To view the Authentication process for the different countries please follow this link.


Uphold is a cloud based digital currency platform which allows its users to users to buy, sell, and hold over 30 different currencies and commodities. 

Opening an Uphold Account and Getting Verified:

Signing up with Uphold is also very simple. When signing up, please indicate whether you are signing up for a business or a personal account (note from Uphold: In order to open a Business account, you must submit proof that you have the authority to do so.

Your business must be registered and you'll need to produce documentation. Verification with Uphold may take up to 7 business days). You can either sign in through the Uphold website, or app. Uphold requires a 2FA, it can be linked to Authy as well.

You will need to become a verified member on Uphold, if you wish to settle through uphold. Becoming a verified member through Uphold increases transaction limits, and the ability to add or withdraw funds to and from using bank transfer, credit, or debit card. (visit the Uphold FAQ for more).

Linking Luno and Uphold to GloBee:

In Settlement Settings under Account Settings you will find two new lines in your settlement settings, one for Luno, and one for Uphold. To link your Uphold account you will need to put in your BTC address. You can find your BTC address for Uphold under you Bitcoin wallet, Add Funds, with Cryptocurrency or Utility Token, and then select BTC. You will find your BTC address there.

To view your Luno BTC address simply press on the receive button and it will be there. No extra fuss :)