What is a POS Solution? 

POS, or point of sale, is the way customers pay in most brick and mortar shops, restaurants, etc. It's a way of paying physically and quickly. GloBee has a solution for this!

Creating an Invoice 

Through the Merchant Dashboard. 

Step 1: 

Sign up with GloBee.

Step 2: 

Enter your settlement options. You can choose between being settled 100% in Bitcoin, Monero, or USDT. 

Once this is done, choose the coins that you would like to accept. You can accept any coin that is available on GloBee. This does not affect how you will be settled. 

 Step 3: 

Now you can start invoicing! In your dashboard on the far left, you will find a tab called "invoicing tools" under this tab you will find a button called "create an invoice" click on that :). When creating an invoice you can enter the customers details, email, name etc.

Enter the amount and item description in the correct fields (note that the amount is in fiat, and therefore you should set the correct currency in the drop down "currency" tab).  

Once the invoice is created you will see all of the open invoices. There you can click on pay on the pay button which will lead you to an interstitial where the customer can choose the method of payment, from the coins you have made available. All the customer will need to do from there on is simply scan the QR code  or copy the wallet address and paste it and you are done!  

Happy shopping!